Mittens in tree with leash

Mittens is a street cat from New York voiced by Susie Essman.


Mittens is a street smart alley cat from New York. Her previous owners are unknown, and she was on the street when Bolt meets her.

Mittens is first seen hustling food from a bunch of pigeons. Saul gives her part of a hotdog, Ted a part of a bagel, and Louie nothing more than a crumb. She threatens Louie, and tells him that she won't kill him with her claws in exchange for all of the food that he gets next week. Louie protests this fiercely, but he has to give in.

Mittens is then captured by Bolt, and dangled over an overpass. Bolt is under the impression that Mittens works for Dr. Calico, but Mittens is unaware of this. She convices him to stop threatening to drop her off a bridge and she gets out a Waffle World map and shows Bolt where he needs to go. Bolt refuses to release her until they find Penny and she gets dragged along. She gets accidently knocked out on a mailbox when Bolt runs away from who he believes are intruders, but are only Uhaul movers

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