The Blu-ray DVD release includes special features such as: two deleted scenes, a bonus short titled Super Rhino, a music video for I Thought I Lost You by John Travolta and Miley Cyrus, and featurettes that explain how the film was made. The Blu-ray edition also includes a standard copy of the film and a digital copy that can be downloaded from iTunes. Also, on the Blu-ray disc alone, there is a little game where you take control of Bolt and you get to use his various powers.

Deleted Scenes

The DVD release includes two deleted scenes, both alternate scenes in which Bolt realizes that he doesn't have superpowers. Both scenes include a small amount of director commentary by Chris Williams and Byron Howards, briefly explaining the scene

  • The first one is a dogfight in the back alleys of Las Vegas. Bolt is using his dog face again to solicit food, which results in his being given a piece of a steak. Bolt takes the steak and walks down an alley, where he comes across two fierce guard dogs. Bolt tries to drive them away, but they attack him and the action cuts back and forth between the fight and the Bolt show that Rhino is watching just around the corner. After the two mean dogs take Bolt's treat, Mittens runs to help Bolt. Bolt sees the glow from the TV that is showing the Bolt show and he limps over to the street. When he sees the TV, he realizes that he is just a normal dog.
  • The other is Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino are walking over a bridge amd Rhino goes through a hole in the bridge. Bolt jumps in to save him, but realizes that he has to save himself. Bolt gets to shore and meets up with Mittens. They both go to find Rhino, but all they find is his ball. Rhino is a little ways off, soaking wet and under the impression that Bolt saved him. Bolt spaces out and reaches his paw over to the lightning mark after he sees spots of black in the puddles of water.

Music Video

There is a music video for I Thought I Lost You featuring John Travolta and Miley Cyrus. The music video is shorter than the actual song, but it features clips from Bolt and clips of John and Miley in the recording studio.